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Flange Spreaders


SMP Tools cut its teeth on Flange Spreaders. We offer the broadest line of flange spreader tools with a variety of capabilities, and styles, all with extreme safety built in.

SMP Tools Mechanical Flange Spreaders
Mechanical Flange Spreaders

Easy to use, maintain, and repair, SMP’s Mechanical Flange Spreaders provide adequate power to handle jobs requiring up to 15 tons. And, they’re surprisingly cost effective.


 Tools Equalizer Hydraulic Flange Spreaders
Equalizer Hydraulic Flange Spreaders

For larger flanges, Equalizer's powerful Hydraulic Flange Spreaders provide up to 25 tons (50,000 pounds) of spread force. They’re well worth the extra cost when you need superior spreading power.


  • Equalizer SW14.5TI

  • Equalizer SW15TE Maxi Kit

  • Equalizer SWi2025TI

  • Equalizer SWi2025TE Maxi Kit

Zero Gap Flange Spreaders from SMP Tools
Zero Gap Flange Spreaders

The Zero Gap Flange Spreader is a great example of SMP’s ability to deliver creative solutions to difficult problems. When there’s no gap to insert a conventional flange spreader, this unique flange spreader delivers up to 11 tons of spread capability, locking into bolt holes to give the required work distance needed.

SMP Tools Flange Boss Hydraulic Flange Spreaders
Flange Boss Hydraulic Flange Spreader

The Flange Boss hydraulic flange spreader features a full pin through design which allows the tools to be operated hands-free. These tools can be operated by one person. Flange Boss has also separated itself from the pack because it is made in America

SMP Tools Flange Safety Wedges
SMP Flange Safety Wedges

SMP’s Safety Wedges are tethered to prevent injuries from flying wedges, and available in brass to prevent sparking. With up to 1.5” blade thickness to provide maximum control, SMP Safety Wedges are available in six styles to fit your needs.

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