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SMP Clients Include Worldwide Energy, Engineering, and Construction Companies
SMP's Specialty Maintenance Products are used in energy, engineering, and construction industries to keep workplaces safer.
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The safest work force is unsafe, if they are using the wrong tools. For nearly two decades Specialty Maintenance Products, Inc (SMP) has introduced new and innovative tools and products to make pipe and flange maintenance safer and more productive. We are the first choice of best practice teams to reduce hand and bodily injuries by providing the best tools for the job. 


Many of the tools we carry eliminate the need for a second person, so "A One Man Crew Can Work Like Two." Injuries related to projectile wedges, holding a back-up wrench, holding a hammer wrench, clearing bleeder valves with a welding rod, and swinging hammers, are a thing of the past.


When your Standard Operating Procedures require tools from SMP, your near misses and lost time injuries drop. Check out our flange maintenance products, then Contact SMP.

Safely Increasing Productivity since 1996

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